The English in Britain Guide

is for everyone that likes something simple, fast, comprehensive and effective. It's only a PDF, but one with multiple and instant links to hundreds of institutions who provide top quality English language courses, and it gets updated every day.

And hundreds of copies of the guide are downloaded every week by students, agents and parents who wish to research English language courses in England, Scotland and Wales. The downloaded guide can sit on their desktop and give instant access to what they want: they can pick an individual school, look at a region, use a keyword search, send email enquiries, download brochures, and more. And the QR codes are there in case you wish to print the guide, and still need the web hyperlinks.

Use this page to browse the guide here and now. You can zoom in , zoom out , choose full screen and click on any one of a thousand links. Double click anywhere to look more closely, and again to reset

The English in Britain Guide is newly published every 24 hours - but this page is not! So to get the latest edition, click on the link below and put the guide on your desktop.

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